Welcome to “JUDOKICKBOX” JUDOKICKBOX the “First Cuban Mixed Martial Arts “

What are you waiting for to be part of the “JUDOKICKBOX” JUDOKICKBOX and its history today?

The Judokickbox ( JKB ) JUDOKICKBOX , is a new martial art and a combat sport . Founded in Miami,Fl. USA, by the Cuban-Americans Carlos Finales, a Martial Artist and Eric “El Tigre” Castaños ex-World Champion in Kickboxing and Muay Thai.
The JKB is by definition the First Cuban Mixed Martial Art (MMA ). The ‘JKB’, as it is also known, is a style that unifies two Martial Arts and one combat sports. Taking techniques from Judo, Boxing and Kickboxing. JKB is considered an MMA not only because is originated as a fusion of various martial arts and combat sport, but also because the ability of the participants to fairly compete in conventional MMA fights.
JKB rules vary from one scenario to another with the goal of protecting the physical integrity of the athlete. Also the use of protecting gear is required during training and competitions. Even though our athletes are free to compete in other conditions if they want to. Additionally, JKB prohibits any procedure which may seriously harm the health of the contestants, such as pressure points ( Chimei ), head butting, biting or scratching.
The JKB is inclusive and open martial art, where the inclusion or exclusion of techniques and rules are to suit each master and school in terms of improving and developing the JKB always with approve of JKB federation. For tournament rules are pre-arranged for each case according with the specific type of match or the country or city legal laws.
The JKB can be practiced and competed in both GI and No GI mode. However in order to pursuit uniformity, our classes require the use of full uniform (Judo Gi white jacket and red pants). Although some classes may be taught without jacket, as No GI (MMA) training events.

Finally, JKB is a competitive Mixed Martial Arts, but retains all the values, ethics and precepts of the Traditional Martial Arts which it comes from, such as: Courtesy, Respect, Integrity, Honesty and Modesty JUDOKCKBOX

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