About “JUDOKCKBOX” JUDOKCKBOX the “First Cuban Mixed Martial Arts “

Who is involved in JudoKickbox? JUDOKCKBOX

Carlos Finales and Eric Castanos (El Tigre) JUDOKCKBOX the founders, together with many other martial artists from different disciplines, such us Judo, Kickboxing, KARATE, TAEKWONDO OR BOXING, WERE INVOLVED IN THE CREATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE JUDOKICKBOXING. MANY OF THEM ARE ACTIVE HIGH PERFORMANCE ATHLETES WHILE OTHER ONES HAVE ALREADY RETIRED BECAME COACHES. SOME WELL KNOWN NAMES ARE THE CUBAN CO FOUNDERS Mireya Orta, Sarbelio Bello, Santiago Pedroso, Osvaldo George.

What is the background these people have to fight? JUDOKCKBOX

Most JKB athletes have been active in Judo, Olympic fight, Karate or Taekwondo, and most of them, ex members of the Cuban national teams in each discipline.
We also count with ex national and regional champions of Boxing and Kickboxing. All their experiences have been put together in order to made excellent JKB fighters and Martial Mix Arts.

Why the name? JUDOKCKBOX

JUDOKICKBOX is the result of the fusion or mix of two martial arts like JUDO and KICKBOXING and a fight sport like BOXING. JUDO (judo), KICK (kickboxing) and BOX (boxing).

When did eveything start? JUDOKCKBOX

Everything started on 2002, when my friend Eric Castanos, known as El Tigre, and me decided to start a new mix martial art with Cuban influence. We put our own experience in martial arts and fighting sports together with the great help of martial artists:Yoislandy Izquierdo, Félix Peñalver, Alejandro Villar, Pedro Koyichkine and Paulino Hernandez, all of them Honor Founders of JKB in order to create a brand new mix martial art: JKB.

What is the difference between JUDOKICKBOX and traditional martial arts? JUDOKCKBOX

The JKB, is an inclusive mixed martial and not exclusive. This means that in our mixed martial arts, athletes, teachers and masters, will provide tips and techniques and combinations to improve, make more effective and develop JKB without affecting its foundation.
A technical committee appointed by the World Federation of JKB (JKBWF), takes care of every contribution made, in order to evaluate and recommend which ones will be added to the future teaching of “JUDOKICKBOX.
Who are the members of the Organization?
The “JUDOKICKBOX ” consists of its founders Mr. Carlos Finales Abal, black belt in Judo, Karate, Kickboxing and Self Defense, and Eric Castanos, also known as “El Tigre”, black belt in Karate and Kickboxing and five times world champion in Kickboxing and Muay Thai .
We also have the honor to include in our membership the 8th Dan Grandmaster and Head Coach ” JKB ” for USA, Fraibel Hernández , the 4th degree Grand Master Rafael Coutin, who already started his own school in Tampa, Florida.
We also have members and Co -Founders of JKB in Cuba: 8th Dan Grand Master Mireya Orta, Sabelio Bello, Santiago Pedroso and Osvaldo George.
Also in Cuba, we can include the Great Masters 5th Dan Eliezer Peña, Luis Góngora, Eduardo A. Calderón and Ronaldo Veitia, Ivan Ramos also 3rd Dan Grand Master , Grand Master Pino Reylan 2nd Dan Grand Master as well as Olympic judo champion and 2nd Dan JKB Idalis Ortis.This is just to mention a few friends and martial artists who trust us, support us, and most of them are an important part of ” JUDOKICKBOX “.
We currently have independent schools in USA (3), CUBA (4) PERU (1) NICARAGUA (1), and soon in CHILE (1) MEXICO (1).
As previously mentioned, the “JUDOKICKBOX” combines efficiently movements, techniques and combinations of Judo, Kickboxing and Boxing. On the floor, we combined submission, dislocation and strangulation techniques of Judo. We actually only use Jiu Jitsu techniques as a function of (MMA), as a supplement and not as the main factor in JKB practice. Judo has many floor techniques such us submission, that properly and effectively used, can be as effective Jiu Jitsu techniques.

How many people presently trained in Cuba? JUDOKCKBOX

At present, there are approximately 300 athletes practicing “JUDOKICKBOX” in five provinces of Cuba about plus 10 masters and several certified instructors. The (JKB) in Cuba is independently managed under its own regulations and federation.

Are there women who train the (JKB)? JUDOKCKBOX

Yes, currently there are few (4) or (5) women training “JKB”. We hope thousands will join us in the future. It is very important for us that women participate and learn the “JUDOKICKBOX. It helps them increase their self-defense and self-esteem, as well as improves their physical condition and appearance, while loosing weight.

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